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Century Healthcare

Century Healthcare is an international retail chain pharmacy, healthcare and wellness stores with over 25 years experience and expertise in providing products to cure sickness and to maintain healthy body. We carry wide variety of healthcare and wellness products starting from prescription medicines, vitamins and supplements, medical devices, personal hygiene, as well as beauty, personal care and children healthcare for the wholesome life and well being of you and your family.

In Vietnam, we started to open our stores in late 2016 and growing number of our stores to make us conveniently closer to our customers to access healthcare products and do consultation with our pharmacist about their prescribed medicine or various products and solutions to promote life well being.

 At Century Healthcare, we take your wellness to higher level.

Thứ 2 - Thứ 6: 09:30 - 22:00; Thứ 7 & CN: 09:00 - 22:00


Store location: L4-10B