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In 2015, Gintell the leading brand of massage chairs in Malaysia, has been officially introduced in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and developing massage chairs as well as health care equipment. So far, over 20 years of development, Gintell has left a mark on the market and become one of the leading massage chairs branch with technology in Vietnam. With the motto “constantly improving” , always moving forward on the basis of modern technology, we have been supplying various products, systems and services. At present, Ginell has affirmed the brand and become a leading company in Vietnam and continue of receive great achievements and certificates in both domestic and international market. The company's leaders have analyzed and insisted on the strategy of focusing on scientific research and apply new technology for products. This is a golden opportunity for Gintell to develop branch and boost sale. With the slogan "HEALTH - LOVE - LIFE", Gintell makes a commitment to always strive to become the top brand in health care, physique and beauty as well as builds healthy way to care for you and your family. Gintell will bring the standards beyond your satisfaction.


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