Co.opXtra caters to a wide range of consumers, including people, homes, and businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Individual consumers of Co.opXtra are guaranteed to receive all Membership advantages at Co.opMart, while business/organization customers will benefit from unique optimal service and discount policies. Come to Co.opXtra and customers can enjoy all the discounts at Co.opMart. Moreover, Co.opXtra envision to become a platform developing based on quality, price, advertisement distinctiveness, promotions as well as various activation events at hypermarkets. Furthermore, Co.opXtra is open to collaborating with any partners in the leasing of exhibit space as well as other commercial operations such as restaurants, fashion stores, entertainment spaces, accessory stalls, and so on. Co.opXtra wish to bring customers an experience of "Variety - Low-cost - Interest". - Variety: With spacious area, Co.opXtra can offer a intensive selection of products that fully meet the demands of customers. - Low-cost: Co.opXtra is always full of hot promotions and discounts to actively develop a smart buying and consuming community. Besides, being a unit of the Saigon Co.op's stable-price store network, we guarantee to apply stable price for necessity goods. Additionally, as a hypermarket providing large quantity, we especially supply products in big packages with our slogan "Buy more, Save more". - Interest:

This is the most outstanding factor that we especially aim for to create uniqueness. Co.opXtra always devote efforts to create an interesting shopping space, bringing uniqueness to the community. Co.opXtra pay emphasis on connection activities and events in supermarkets, and through that creating a fun and interesting shopping space and becoming a destination of relaxation and entertainment for everybody. Not being just a traditional supermarket, Co.opXtra is invested in diverse add-in services, fulfilling the best of customers' demands.